Why Torino is worth visiting

Turin is a bit off the beaten track in Italy but it’s really worth a trip. Here are a couple of great experiences:

National Museum of Cinema Via Montebello Torino-website www.museocinema.it

It’s a fascinating place with lots of hands on demo’s and a terrifying lift that takes you to the roof observation place. You enter at the base of the building, go through a hole in the main exhibition floor and zoom up 80 meters on a couple of cables to the roof.

Mini Pastries-if you’re like me and love sweet pastries, Turin is the place to be. It’s famous for delicious mini pastries. And probably the best croissant I’ve had in my life was in Turin at the Farmacia del Cambio-Farmacia Del Cambio. It also has a window into the restaurant kitchen where you can watch the chefs making some pretty yummy foods.

Turin also has the usual museums and churches to visit but I think these 2 experiences are pretty unique. Its also the gateway to the Valle d’Aosta- a pretty spectacular destination in its own right.


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