Design Management


Once  a vision for your project is determined how do you make sure the design aligns with the vision? We can manage the design team through the concept, design development and documentation phases to ensure the clients best interests are maintained.

  • Is the budget spend being prioritised for maximum impact?
  • Is the progress of work in alignment with the program?
  • Does the design align with the agreed strategy?
  • Is the design future proofed?
  • Is the client being given sufficient information and in a timely manner to make informed decisions?
  • Is the design best practice?

Service Level

Service levels can be customised depending


  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Occupiers


  • Management of design process from concept development to construction phase for workplace projects. Monitoring progress of design against program, strategy and budget. Ensuring design team presents sufficient information for informed decision making process in line with program.
  • Peer review of design in relation to best practice and alignment with agreed workplace strategy.
  • Review of base building design from occupiers perspective and trends in workplace design during the design phase of  and commercial building new build and renovation. Factors considered include core location and floor connectivity; natural light and views, floor plate layout; PCA compliance, amenity design and ground plane and entry design.