Why 2008 Really Mattered in Workplace Design


The design of white collar workplaces was pretty conservative until the global financial crisis in 2008. Sure there were variations of open plan and office configurations, but looking back, 2008 was an inflection point. The i-phone had just been released and there were a cascade of innovations and economic forces that had a profound impact on the way people work. WiFi became ubiquitous, the world of apps exploded, the cloud appeared and at the same time we went through a major economic upheaval that put enormous pressures on the cost of doing business. Organisations were reeling from change and started to question whether the traditional workplace really suited the new reality. Even though the economy in Australia escaped the worst of the GFC, companies have continued to consolidate and  look for new efficiencies and question old ways of working.

Concepts like Activity Based Working, unassigned seating and Agile Working Environments have now become mainstream.

But what’s right for your organisation? Which workplace model suits your culture or become a catalyst for change?  How do to unleash the power of teamwork and collaboration? Do I have the right technology for a mobile flexible workforce? How much space do you really need and can I save on real estate  costs?

These are some of the questions that are being asked by organisations now. Let me help you answer them.



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