Workplace Strategy


A workplace strategy future proofs your investment in a new workplace and is based on:

    • A deep understanding of your business
    • Trends in workplace, workforce and technology
    • Alignment with your business objectives
    • A sound business case
    • An understanding of the real estate and design industry


Occupiers-who need independent advice with no agendas

Design Firms-with no in-house capability

Tenant Advisors-as a partner to build a business case


My services are modular, so we can work together to customise a proposal to meet your unique requirements and budget. Here is a selection of the tools available to meet your requirements

Project Launch

  • Detailed program of activities
  • Executive briefing
  • External perception evaluation i.e. customer perception
  • Workplace Performance Surveys


  • Occupancy studies-how is your existing workplace is being utilised
  • Workplace performance, culture and work styles survey
  • Functional requirements
  • Bench-marking-how your workplace compares with your competition
  • Readiness for change assessment-management and staff
  • Technology readiness assessment
  • Focus groups
  • Storage analysis


  • Vision Workshops to align leadership with a common vision for new ways of working


  • Space budget (area required for new or refurbished workspace)
  • Scenario modelling-alignment of different workplace models with cultural, real estate and financial goals

Accommodation Brief

  • Description of amount and type of space required to align with your strategy

Business Cases

  • Workplace strategy
  • Accommodation standards
  • Space planning for relocation or renewal of workplace
  • Budget-based on current market rates for fitouts
  • Program-time frames to complete a relocation or renewal  project
  • Work stream planning