Our job is to help organisations make sure that any investment in their workplace is money well spent. A new workplace can be a big investment and has a huge impact on employee engagement and retention. It can make or break the successful execution of a business strategy.

Our fees will be a tiny fraction of the saving you make by using our experience to avoid costly mistakes. We think creatively and have delivered Real Estate solutions for my clients that  either pay for themselves or add to the bottom line.

Our fees are the only compensation we take. We don’t take any rebates or give any commissions or finders fees.

We can structure our fees in the following ways:

  • Day rates as a casual employee-this is the most economical way to pay for our services
  • Day rates invoiced through 5 Projects-We add insurances and the cost of running the company onto our day rate
  • Lump sum fee-a fixed fee for a fixed scope of service
  • Success fee-We can structure a fee around percentage of cost savings achieved or other agreed metrics such as increased employee engagement