Project Director/Manager


Delivering a new workplace is a complex and expensive undertaking. It’s also a great opportunity to redefine an organisations culture, boost employee engagement and drive change. But most organisations don’t have the in-house capability or resources to manage the process.  Using my 30 years experience delivering work place projects I can help.

Service Level:

I can customise the level of service, from assistance with initial business case, to on call advice and full time in-house project director services.


  • Occupiers with no in-house capability or resource availability


  • Project Management-leadership of workplace project including procuring and coordinating consultants, managing design to the budget and program management
  • Program of activities to complete project with time frames that allow adequate consultation and allowance for internal approval process
  • Development/co-ordination of work streams required including workplace strategy, brief for locating new premises, lease negotiation, new technology and audio-visual, interior design, storage rationalisation, change management, consultant/contractor selection and move management
  • Governance structure setting up an efficient and timely decision making and approval process
  • Internal engagement and communication including recommendations on level of staff and leadership engagement in decision making and approvals process
  • Consultant engagement and management– choosing the right consultant team to match your culture and strategy
  • Determining a realistic all-inclusive¬†budget based on current market conditions and advice on alternative low-cost or no cost options for delivery
  • Business case development-consolidating information into one document that details time frames, budget, workplace model